Webinars & streams

Webinars & streams

Actual problems and trends in the development of forest ecology, stream 02/27/2021

Building stakeholder interaction on environmental issues in the forestry industry, stream 02/15/2021

Green economy and its impact on biodiversity, stream 02/03/2021

The role of the public in forest condition and environmental safety, 06/15/2020

The current state and problems of forestry education in the Russian Federation, 02/07/2020

Forests of Russia and Finland: current state, 07/07/2020

Wildfires: Using Earth remote sensing and other sources for monitoring and prevention, 17/07/2020

Using Earth remote sensing methods to monitor changes in the state of forests, 28/07/2020

IT in the field of ecology in Russia and Finland: modern application and discussion of prospects, 08/10/2020

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